How to Fix Squeaky Doors?

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Doors are indispensable fragments of all houses. They are necessary for each room since they provide privacy for people. Apart from privacy, they are also significant in preventing people from cold weather. There are many reasons like these examples that demonstrate the importance of doors. Therefore, it is very beneficial to have a solid and durable door. However, not all doors are too sturdy to discomfort individuals. 

The most terrible result of doors being broken down is a squeaky voice. When the doors fall into ruin, they sound like squeaking, which annoys people. This squeaking voice is a bothersome issue for these individuals, who mostly search for different methods to resolve this problem. This article is written to elaborate on some of these methods and to answer the question of how to fix squeaky doors. 

What Are the Causes of Squeaky Doors?

It is quite critical to learn the reasons for squeaky doors to find a satisfying answer to the question of how to fix squeaky doors. Few agents are more discomforting than squeaky doors. This problem is reminded us whenever people open or close a door. This problem is also terrible because it causes people to be awake at night due to its resounding squeaky voice. 

There are some causes of doors’ making a squeaky voice. Generally, what causes squeaky doors is the door hinge. People should pay attention to door hinges to prevent these squeaky voices. The deposition and oil deficiency in hinges cause friction, making squeaky voices. The most efficient solution for this problem is to grease the hinges. 

Where Should We Oil to Stop Squeaking Doors?

When doors make a squeaky voice, their hinge is the best place to prevent this voice. You can incense the hinges without departing any piece from the door if you want to eliminate that squeaky sound. However, in some cases, you may be obliged to dismantle the hinge pivot for a more effective process. It is not difficult to take out this hinge pivot. It can be taken out by using a nail and a hammer. 

Best Lubricants For Hinges

There are a lot of alternatives for helping to stop squeaky doors. These alternatives play a significant role in figuring out how to fix a squeaky door.   This problem is an annoying issue, so it must be resolved immediately. 

Some of the most effective lubricants for door hinges in the following paragraphs will be given and explained. Some of these lubricants might be available in your house and deserve to be tried. However, users will have to go to a hardware store to be able to find a lubricant for persistent squeaks. 

Hair Spray: Hair Spray might be an easy and quick way to fix squeaky doors. Hair Spray involves polymers that are beneficial in preventing the door hinges from moving or unwinding. First, users should spray it a few times on the squeaking hinge. Then, they should open and close the door a few times to spread the hair sprayer. These hair sprayers will be efficient in the short run, but users should find another solution for the long run. 

Bar Soap: Bar soaps contain solid and liquid oils, which are very useful for preventing greasing squeaky hinges. It should not be surprising to notice that soaps alleviate the squeaky hinges. Soaps are used in most of the contents of industrial lubricants. Users should rub the hinges with bar soap until it is entirely greased. After this process, doors should be opened and closed repeatedly. It is essential to ensure that users choose a bar soap with a great deal of oil.

Olive oil: Olive oil is a simple solution to fix squeaky doors. A few drops of olive oils could be sufficient for greasing door hinges. Experts suggest using a straw or an oil tin to carry out the process more plainly and cleanly. Rub your door hinges with a few drops of olive oil. After a short time, your door will stop squeaking, and you can enjoy the comfort of sleeping in a room without waking up at night due to squeaking doors. 

Petroleum Jelly: Petroleum Jelly has a lot of functions. For example, medically, it is a component that is useful for decreasing the scars and decreasing the humidity in hair products. In addition, petroleum jelly is generally used to protect lips against weather conditions and dry lips. Petroleum jelly is a perfect lubricant for door hinges, thanks to its oily content. Therefore, it might be the ideal solution for your problem. The only thing that users should do is to rub the door hinges with Petroleum Jelly.

Silicone Spray: Silicon Spray is another perfect product that can be used for fixing squeaky doors. It can be found in both online and DIY stores. Silicon Spray does not contain mineral oils and grease. This product can be used on various surfaces, including plastic, metal, and rubber, as a lubricant. The best method for using Silicone Spray is to take out the hinge pin. Users should oil the hinge after dismantling the hinge pin. Besides, they should not forget to sweep the accumulated liquid after the process is carried out.

Lithium Grease: Lithium Grease is also very beneficial for fixing squeaky doors by greasing door hinges. There is a small amount of lithium grease in the hinge pivot; if there is not, users should rub a few drops. By oiling the door hinges with this product, you can get rid of the squeaky voices of your door. Lithium grease is used in other branches, too, apart from oiling door hinges. 

Which One of These Lubricants Is Most Effective

How to Fix Squeaky Doors

The best lubricant for fixing squeaky doors could be either lithium grease or silicone spray. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to differentiate these two products or to figure out which one is better since the features of these lubricants are similar. Besides, both of these lubricants have some superiorities and drawbacks. However, we can say that silicone spray is more affordable than lithium grease. 

Also, silicone spray is easier to apply in comparison with lithium grease. Finally, using silicone spray causes less untidiness than lithium grease. Therefore, we can say that these lubricants are more efficient than others. However, silicone spray is slightly better than lithium grease. 

There is no reason to panic for the ones who do not have silicone spray or lithium grease. Other house lubricants, including petroleum jelly, hair spray, and olive oil mentioned above are also very beneficial for fixing squeaky doors

There is an important point which deserves to be explained. There are some situations in which the door is broken severely or the door hinge has reached the end of its life. These lubricants are just short-term solutions for these cases. Users should consider changing the door or the door hinge in these cases. 

Is WD 40 Good For Door Hinges?

WD 40 is not a satisfying solution for squeaking door hinges. This is because the main function of WD is to clean more and slide water. WD includes very few lubricants. WD 40 is not appropriate for oiling door hinges; they can be used just when the user intends to clean the door hinges, thanks to its feature of taking out stains. 

Is GT85 Good For Door Hinges?

GT85 is a perfect solution for incensing door hinges since it contains PTFE silicon element GT85 is given with a small plastic tube for minimizing untidiness and wastage. Spraying a little number of GT85 to the door hinge saves people from a dirty and sandy hinge. Besides, it will give a layer for paving the way for oiling. Users should sweep the excess liquid, and then they can enjoy having a door that is not squeaky. 

Steps For Fixing Squeaky Doors

First Step: Preparing the Surface 

You should ensure that dirt and filth are not accumulated on your door hinge. You should get a clean cloth, and you should sweep the hinge to clean the door hinge. You can drench your swap; it depends on your preference. However, you should not forget to dry the hinge after sweeping it with a wet swab. 

The Second Step: Using the Lubricant

The next step is to choose one of the lubricants you rely on and use it. Next, you should get a paper towel and put it under the hinge to prevent dropping oil on the floor. After taking this precaution, you should spray your product. Finally, you should sweep your hinge with another paper towel. 

Third Step: Open and Close Door

Opening and closing the door is crucial to increase the efficiency of the lubricants since it provides a chance for users to ensure that the lubricant is working. Besides, this step is significant because lubricant sprays or drops can spread through the hinge, and this increases the efficiency of the process 

Fourth Step: More Lubricant

This step is a repetition of the second step. You should put a paper towel under the hinge again and then you can spray your product on the door hinge. This time, it would be better for you if you spray the untouched areas since it can enhance fixation efficiency. Next, you should fix both of the hinges. Finally, you can complete this step by sweeping with a swab. 

Final Step: Test

Now, you can test your door. For example, you could ensure that the product spreads the whole parts of the hinges by opening and closing the door repeatedly. You will probably notice that you are free from discomforting squeaky voices. 


All in all, this article is written to explain how to fix squeaky doors. Squeaky doors might be one of the most severe problems for people. The oil deficiency generally causes this issue in the door hinges. 

This problem can be solved in 5 stages. First of all, users should prepare the surface for oiling. Then, they should oil the hinge by using their favorable lubricant. Next, they should repeatedly open and close the door in the third stage to ensure that the lubricant spreads through the door hinge. Then, they should oil once again, and they can test the door in the last stage. 

Lubricants are essential in the process of fixing squeaky doors. There are various kinds of these lubricants. The most beneficial ones of these lubricants are stated and explained above. 

Silicone Spray and Lithium Grease are two efficient lubricants for fixing squeaky doors. Other lubricants are also beneficial, but Silicone Spray and Lithium Grease are the most effective ones. That is, a sufficient amount of information about how to fix a squeaky door is given in this article.


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