Which Doors Should Lead To My Garden?

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Houses with gardens are the dream of most people. It offers a space where you can be in touch with nature and relax in peace. Apart from this, it is also a free and safe space for children. By making your garden suitable for your child, you can enjoy your coffee while your little one plays until their energy runs out. It is also great for pets.  

The garden doors are very important if you have a house with a garden. It should provide easy access to the garden and protect your house against theft. Additionally, since it is a part of the interior design, it should be compatible with your taste. It wouldn’t be nice to have a huge door that doesn’t match your furniture in one of your rooms.

There are several different models of garden doors. They differ from each other in their different features. Which one is best for you is up to your preference and your needs. Security, energy efficiency, and design are different issues you must consider. Let’s look at different garden door models together and learn more about their specific features. 

Patio Doors

Sliding Patio Doors 

Sliding patio doors are one of the most preferred models as garden doors recently. These are like huge windows and slides open. It can be slid on one side or both sides. This allows it to take up less space than doors that open outwards or inwards. You do not have to leave an area in the house or garden where the door will open. You will have more space to use.

In addition, sliding doors prevent situations such as swinging and closing the door in windy weather. You can choose the size according to your home. You can see the garden widely as the doors are full of glass, but this can cause a privacy problem. Sliding patio doors will be better if you can ensure your privacy around the home and garden.

Since garden doors are large, they can make it difficult to heat the room if they are not properly insulated. In this respect, sliding patio doors are advantageous because they are more energy efficient. Since they are basically large windows, they have a wide range of insulation options like other windows. Thus, you can prevent the heat flow from inside to outside.  

It also offers higher security thanks to the bar and kicks lock. However, sliding patio doors don’t open too much, but if you are looking for a model that will open wide to take out items to the garden or for your children to play more comfortably, you may prefer a French door or a bi-fold door. 

French Doors

Which Doors Should Lead To My Garden?

This is also a patio door, but it is more stylish than the sliding model. These models have steel or wood around or on the glass. This can make the insulation difficult and cause the heat to flow outside. Also, cold can infiltrate from the edges in windy and very cold weather. You can get cold inside your home and also have to pay more for heating.

Since there will be materials such as wood on the edges and glass, it may cause less light to enter the house and not see the outside as a whole, but it is better in terms of privacy. It will also be more difficult for people to see inside the house. These doors will be more useful if you have a privacy issue around your home.

These doors can be opened widely. They are usually two-piece doors, if you open both, they will be wide enough to take things out or for people to get in and out easily in crowded gatherings. It is average in terms of security. It can be locked, but the locks are not too reliable. You should be aware of that.

It can take up more space as it opens outwards. If your garden is narrow,  there may be little space left in the garden after you open the door. French doors can be preferred, especially in homes, due to their stylish appearance. If you want, you can add different designs or choose different colors, but generally, the wood around the doors gives a more elegant look.

Bi-fold Doors 

This model is not much different from the standard sliding patio door. The most important difference is that it can be folded completely and leaves an open space between the house and the garden. French doors are also good for opening widely, but bi-fold is the best from this point. Ideal if you do not want an obstacle between your garden and home.

Bi-fold doors require a large area to build. It takes up almost as much space as a wall. It is possible to make slightly smaller ones, but it is generally suitable for large areas. Also, it is pretty basic and not at all stylish. If you have a certain style, it may not be compatible with your home. It’s good at energy efficiency, and it’s safe too.

Comparison of Different Models

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If you have a security concern in your neighborhood, you can choose a sliding door that offers a more secure lock. Bi-fold door also includes similar locking systems. In addition, since the bi-fold door can be folded completely, the glasses are intertwined, making it a little more difficult to open one part separately.

French doors may be less secure than the other two. It may be more appropriate if you live in a safe area. Or maybe you can buy an extra security system. Also, how safe the French doors are can vary by manufacturer. There may be manufacturers who offer a more secure system. It is necessary to research well and ask before buying it.


French doors are definitely the most stylish ones. It offers so many options. If you want, you can choose a fancy or simpler model. The edges of the sliding doors can also be covered with wood. You can choose a few different colors, but they may not have as different designs as French doors. Bi-fold ones, on the other hand, are quite classic.


You should definitely have a large space for the bi-fold door because it needs to be folded at least a certain size. Although a very large area is not necessary to build sliding doors, still when you slide one side, there will be a limited area left. It will be difficult to carry materials from the house to the garden. So the area should not be too tight for sliding doors.

The French door will be fine for smaller spaces because you get quite a large passage area when you open both doors out. There is no unusable area like in a sliding door. You can also keep one side open when it doesn’t need to be completely open. It only takes up space when opened, but it won’t be a problem if you have a large garden.

Energy Efficiency

Sliding models are generally more energy efficient. Many insulations that can be provided for windows are also offered. However, French doors may be a bit problematic in this respect, but the situation for security applies to energy efficiency too. Some manufacturers can make double glass and make it more energy efficient. Be sure to pay attention to this.


The garden doors are important in many ways. If you live in a cold place, the door should keep the warmth in your home. Also, its lock should be strong enough to keep thieves away from your home. One of the most important points will be the appearance since it should be suitable for your home’s interior design. Some models may not be good for the interior design of your home. 

The type of door you choose will vary according to your needs. In this article, we talked about different garden doors. Those who want to change their garden doors or plan to own a house with a garden in the future should know their options and evaluate accordingly. For this, we have examined different patio door models for you and highlighted their pros and cons.

As we explained, all have different advantages, so we cannot state a favorite one. For example, insulation may not be a big deal if you live in a warmer climate. You may have fewer security concerns if you live in a safe place. You can choose the most suitable one among the models we have examined. We hope our article was helpful.


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