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We aimed to discuss what kind of opportunities it offers for the user in the Sifely brand’s product, which we examined under different frameworks from its practical use to its long life, from its durability to its value for money.

Supportively, it is possible to use this product outside your home, in offices, hotels, workplaces, and many more, as it satisfies its users with authentic ways of use such as 5 ways of access—code, print, keys, phone, and fob.

Besides, Sifely Smart Door Lock shines its star in many categories, from auto-lock to voice commands and notifications, from comprehensive lock memory to backup power, even though it needs updates and improvements in minor matters; accordingly, it does not cause regret to its buyers and gives an excellent value for its price.

Brand Sifely
Usage Fingerprint and Keypad Smart Lock
Lock Type Keypad Lock
Material Zinc
Colour Silver
Number of Pieces 16
Item Dimensions L x W x H 7 x 3 x 1.12 inches
Item Weight 4 Pounds
Controller Type Remote Control
Special Feature Passcode Unlock, Fingerprint Unlock, Fob Unlock, Key Unlock, and Smartphone Unlock
Pros Cons
Easy to install In case of battery drain, accessing the keyhole is difficult
5 ways of access; code, print, keys, phone, and fob Needs 24/7 stable Wi-Fi connection
Auto-lock enabled Poor performance under bad weather conditions
Convenient and long-lasting No smart hub connection feature

Why Choose Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock?

In addition to many different and optional functional door locks offered to the market, the Sifely brand provides an excellent and high-performance experience, especially in the product discussed in this review. The primary purpose of Sifely is to ensure the safety of its users in an easy and very innovative way, and it successfully fulfills this purpose.

In its general and whole product frameworks, it instills many technologically open features such as remote operation, warning in critical situations such as low battery, voice command, and fingerprint readers. As a result, this product also performs quite well.

In this context, this product, evaluated under the 4 main features discussed in detail below, is a candidate to be number one in sales lists and satisfy many users.

Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock


Features of Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock

Versatile & Practical Features

Thanks to its numerous and valuable features and functions, Sifely, which provides a safe and practical use to its buyer, performs well in this context.

Along with this, it is pretty practical with its automatic lock system and can automatically adjust the inputs and outputs following the schedule pattern determined by the user. Moreover, it can provide all this with remote access, as well as a more authentic use, such as “Locked,” “Unlocked,” and “Battery Level Low.”

Moreover, The Smart Lock also can store more than 200 codes and more than 150 fingerprints in memory. Supportively, it is possible to select which code you want from Permanent, Timed, Recurring, and Custom Codes in this category. 

Likewise, you can also adjust and change these codes (except Custom Codes) remotely. In other words, if your accommodation is crowded and you stay under various conditions, it serves as a perfect and suitable security system without any problems.

In addition, thanks to its compliance with smart speakers, it is possible to easily provide voice commands about the door’s function and practicality in the context of security and safety in your daily life.

Moreover, with all these original features, Sifely also provides practical use through various easily generated codes. For example, the guest mode is a convenient feature. 

Accordingly, Sifely Smart Door Lock is a comprehensive product with temporary lock and password functions. In addition, the control of your security can easily be monitored as it is just one application away from your hand; therefore, you can learn about your home safety situation when you travel, on holiday, or at work.

Convenient & Long-Lasting 

Sifely provides very convenient security for your home, workplace, and many other locations and is a high-quality, long-lasting product. With a stable Wi-Fi connection and the application on your phone, you can enjoy the convenience of Sifely with the completion of installation within only 5 minutes. 

In other respects, the smart lock has a keypad and a fingerprint scanner; moreover, with five different vital options—code, print, keys, phone, and fob, it eliminates any concern about the safety of your location.

Moreover, as you do not have the opportunity to fill the battery, you can find easy solutions to the problem thanks to the fact that you do not have the chance to fill the battery. Thanks to the 4 AA batteries, you can use them with peace of mind for more than an average period, or you can also experience a very convenient usage.

All this is a product with performance and capacity that can adapt your Sifely Smart Door Lock security with the convenient and long-term usage opportunity.

Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock2

Quality Built & Durability 

We have mentioned that it is a very long-term product thanks to the facilities offered by Sifely Smart Door Lock, which can guarantee the security of many positions and a quality usage opportunity. In this context, one issue to consider when choosing a vital safety material for a door lock is the product’s durability.

However, a few users mentioned the emergence of some problems, especially about the keypad of the product. Moreover, the keypad does not have physical buttons but a screen; so much so that the users experience bad weather conditions such as rainy or snowy, the keypad screen performs poorly. Supportively, they also stated that the door handle is not high quality by relaxing for about 3-6 months. At this point, this product gets a minus.

Value for Money 

Although Sifely Smart Door Lock has minor deficiencies in terms of quality, it is value for money in terms of the safety and security of many locations with its use and convenience. 

It will not create regret for its buyers, thanks to its many functions, not only locking up and unlocking your doors as well as making it easier for their tiny but essential duty during their daily lives.

Final Verdict

As a final verdict, we investigated this product in many contexts, from its practical usage to its longevity, from its sturdiness to its being worth the money, intending to discuss what kinds of prospects it gives to the customer.

Furthermore, because it provides consumers with genuine ways of usage, such as 5 types of access—code, print, keys, phone, and fob—it is feasible to use this product outside of your house, in businesses, hotels, workplaces, and many more.

Even if it requires updates and upgrades for minor issues, the Sifely smart door lock succeeds in many areas, from auto-lock to voice control and alerts, from extensive lock capacity to backup battery. As a result, its customers will not be dissatisfied.

Top Amazon Customer Comments

Christa G – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I’ve used the lock for about 2 months and I have no complaints, has worked exactly how I was hoping! Installation was pretty quick, but I live in an older house and I had to resize the hole thru the door to get the lock to fit properly, I believe this was more of an issue with my vintage door than the lock. Installation and initial setup took maybe 30 min. including making the hole the proper size. Also had to run to the store for some batteries.

billr – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: The Sifely type S lock is a very good product, and the app is easy to use and has some excellent features. We have purchased a total of 19 of these locks to install on interior and exterior doors of our church buildings. In the first few months there have been few problems. One lock did have a problem in that is did not re-lock reliably. When I inquired, customer service was very responsive, answering my questions in a matter of hours or less. Ultimately, they replaced the malfunctioning lock.

Daniel R – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: We got these locks initially for a second home we plan to Airbnb when we’re not there, 2 of them to cover front and back doors. The ability to easily add and remove temporary access codes from anywhere will make it much easier to handle guests. But once we had them, we liked them so much we got two more for our main house.


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