How to Use Black Doors in Your Home?

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Especially in recent years, black has been preferred in interior designs. Since black is an exquisite color, it adds a relaxed atmosphere to the house. However, black also symbolizes power, authority, and sophistication. For this reason, it makes your home look rich. Using a black as the color of the door will be a bold choice that will surprise everyone who enters your home but will win their appreciation.

Choosing a black door in your home is not something to be decided easily. After all, it will not be as easy to replace as other items. Therefore, before choosing a black door, it would be better to think long and be completely sure of your choice. Although the black door is an unfamiliar choice, it is more useful than you think.

In this article, we wanted to talk about how to use black doors. In this way, those who wish to use a black door in their home but do not dare to do so can be inspired by different design ideas and replace their doors with black ones. So, let’s learn more about the best interior design ideas suitable for black doors. 

What Should You Pay Attention To?

The black door is a very classy and bold choice. It’s also easier to use than you think. It can be used in many different ways. However, you should pay attention to some points to provide black doors to integrate better with the house. Let’s take a look at what you should pay attention to according to your taste and the condition of your home. 

First of all, there are several shades of black. Tricorn black, off-black, black beauty, black magic, and graphite are the most popular. Which of these shades you prefer for your door is entirely up to you. However, by comparing them, you can choose the one you like most and best fits your home.

You can imagine that black doors won’t make sense for small spaces because they can make the inner space overwhelming, but a glazed black door would be better. Thus the room doesn’t look narrow. In addition, glazed black doors are very tasty, so you can use these doors without hesitation if you have a smaller space. 

A black door will make your house look very cool, but dust can be seen easily on the door. Also, fingerprints and water spots don’t look good on black doors. You need to clean it often. You can choose semi-gloss ones for easier cleaning. It will also look pretty bad if scratched. For this reason, if your doors are likely to be damaged, it would be better not to choose a black one. 

How to Use Black Doors 

We are inspired by the trends, the most preferred interior design ideas, and the black door in our recommendations. Of course, some of these are opposed to each other, but in the end, you should choose the one that works best for your home. So you won’t get bored easily and regret it later.

Door Accessories 

For integrity, you can choose the door hinges and knobs to be the same color as the door. It will be a very stylish look. Apart from that, you can choose brass, gold, or silver colored knobs for black doors. The trim on the outside can be black, or you can choose to have a thicker trim with the same color as the ceiling. 


Depending on the size of your area and how much light it receives, the color of the floor you should use will also change. You can use dark brown in places with plenty of light. However, regardless of the size of the space, light colors are always very suitable with black doors. If you have white space kitchen or bathroom cabinets, you can also choose white marble to match.

There are also marbles with a design in harmony with black. For example, it can be in a style where black is mixed with a different color. These will be eye-catching in large areas but are ideal for use in smaller spaces such as the bathroom. You can choose a black hardwood floor if your area is bright enough. 

How to Use Black Doors in Your Home

Wall Paint 

Dark colors can be used together as wall paint, such as dark shades of gray, red, or green. However, this will be a better choice for those with large rooms. Using black doors with dark colors in small areas can make your space look smaller, and you may regret your choice later. If you have a narrow space, it will be better to use more natural tones. 

You can take advantage of the classic contrast of black and white. Besides, cream or eggshell would be a good choice. Using lighter tones will make your space look more spacious and highlight the black door. If you have large rooms, you can use a natural color on your wall and paint the ceiling black.


One of the most important issues is, of course, the compatibility of the door with the furniture. It can completely change the mood of your room. You can get an integrated image by choosing light wall colors and furniture in the same tone as your black door. But of course, it would not be nice if all the items in the same area were black. 

Here you need to pay attention to choosing which items will be black. If you choose black for more oversized items such as a sofa or dining table, you should select other items in different colors. Those with narrow areas can choose light brown or white furniture. Dark brown, green, and gray can be used in larger or light-filled areas.

You can also choose to match your accessories with the black door. You can select more oversized items in a lighter color and match the door with more miniature furniture like a coffee table or different accessories. In addition, black railings and items made of wicker look very compatible with the black door. If you replace your doors with black ones, you can paint the railings the same color.

Other Doors

You can also choose two different colored doors in the same area. For example, if there are two doors in one of your rooms, you can use one black and one white door. It is not a combination that will appeal to everyone’s taste, but since two black doors will make the interior look overwhelming, it would be better to be preferred this way. 

Why Should You Use a Black Door?

Using a black door is an excellent way to show your unique style. Not everyone can dare to make such a choice or know how to use black doors at home. That’s why it will be surprising for people to see a black door in your home. If you can use it in a way that is pleasing to people’s eyes and you can inspire others to use black doors.

It is good that this hides dirt stains. It will make sense, especially for families with children and pets. Because children can paint the walls or doors with crayons, but black doors will hide these. Also, dogs scratch closed doors to make their owners open them, and if their paws are dirty, light-colored doors are ruined.

The black door also makes the ceiling appear higher. This is, of course, an optical illusion. Especially when you choose an opposite wall paint, such as white, your brain causes you to see the ceiling longer than it is. You can use it in houses with low ceilings. Using it in places with high ceilings also makes your home look more majestic.

The black door also makes the black accessories and motifs clear, allowing you to capture a more harmonious image in the room. For example, marbles in the kitchen or bathroom can have barely noticeable blackness mixed into different colors. These can be more eye-catching with the black door and can be an excellent match.


People generally hesitate to use black doors. This is understandable. The black color will not be very suitable for everyone. Furthermore, doors can completely change the house’s air, which is why people think the black color will make their home depressing. However, it looks better than you can imagine, making your home more elegant.

There are some essential points if you want to use a black door in your home. We put them together in our article, so you can pay attention to these points and decide whether you should have a black door in your home or not. So you won’t have any regrets later. 

In addition, our article discussed how to use black doors and the preferred trends with black doors. This way, you can make changes in the home decoration to best suit the black door. We hope our article was helpful for those who are considering having a black door. See you in other articles.


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