How to Create More Storage in Your Home

How to Create More Storage in Your Home

1. Get Rid of Unnecessary and Unused Dead Items Taking Up Space

Firstly, to create more storage and a spacious atmosphere in your home, a certain space must be opened for the necessary items; therefore, primarily, you should get rid of all unnecessary dead items you don’t use and provide space accordingly.

While getting rid of such items, you should choose the ones that you no longer need to use in your daily life that restrict your movement area and your living space. Likewise, you can save time by making a list of these items to free up space.

Supportively, you can apply recycling methods for items that will not be used for a long time and have lost their function, or you can choose to donate or give the ones that do not work for you but can still function for those in need.

2. Benefit of Multifunctional Furniture

After getting rid of unnecessary items in the house, make sure that enough space is opened. For this, you can benefit from multifunctional furniture as one of the healthiest methods. That is to say when choosing your furniture, choose those that can serve multiple functions in different areas, or you can have it custom-made following your cost.

This type of furniture—provides storage and convenience, especially in the tiny house atmosphere, saves space, and provides an advantage to the user by functioning in more than one feature.

For instance, you can use the dining table and kitchen counter in common in favor of designs that can be folded and stored on the wall. Depending on the decoration preference, you can save space and provide storage thanks to the foldable shelves as a bonus.

As another example, if you choose your office desks to be combined with the library as your workspace, you can have a wide ambiance too. In addition, the selection of beds takes up a lot of space in the house (especially in houses with many children); your choice of the bunk bed system will make more room for storage space in your home. Or when choosing single beds, it is recommended to use box-spring mattresses.

3. Make Friends with Containers, Boxes, and Organizers

It is inevitable that small items create many problems in homes, especially storage problems. Although small, they can cause too much clutter in the house, especially in the drawers and cabinets, due to their large amount and cover space.

For this, you should make friends with containers, boxes, and organizers and cooperate with them to provide storage space in your home, especially for small household items and furniture. Therefore, you can use organizers in cabinets and drawers for your socks, jewelry, make-up materials, spoons, forks, and many other small items, as well as make use of separators.

Moreover, you can store dry legumes and food in kitchen containers to save space in your pantry and kitchen cabinets. This way, you will have fast, easy, and practical access to what you need; thus, you will also have a large space.

Also, as a trick, if you assign names, colors, or numbers to the boxes and containers you use, they will provide more practical use.

How to Create More Storage in Your Home

4. Use Multifunctional Shelves, Drawers, and Cabinets & Take Advantage of the Walls

As just mentioned, thanks to the boxing and organizing methods, you can organize and store small items in the first place; likewise, you can also use the shelves and cabinet compartments for flooring and provide multiple functions adjacent to your furniture.

While taking advantage of this, by storing your frequently used items in drawers, shelves, and cabinets closer to the perspective of usage and living space, you can also prefer the storage of less-used items in areas far from the eyes and higher.

In addition, bathrooms and toilets have areas where it is most necessary to make use of shelves and cabinets, as one of the locations where storage problems are experienced most frequently. For this reason, using cabinets with a shelf system in empty areas such as over the toilet bowl makes room in your bathroom and provides convenience in storing related items.

As another example, the shelves or drawers can also be used in television units. However, for much more effective use and storage, shelves, drawers, or cabinets can be placed around the television system as storage areas so that frequently used items in living areas can be stored. Additionally, ceiling mountable shelves can be added to this sample list, which can be especially useful in the kitchen area.

It is recommended to take advantage of the free spaces on your walls to provide storage areas such as shelves, drawers, and cabinets. To illustrate, storage areas can be created by providing shelves between deep or narrow niches thanks to the plasterboard niches created later, depending on the wall thickness of the house.

5. Utilize Under Beds & Couches

The inevitable furniture of the house, beds, and couches take up a lot of space in living spaces, which sometimes causes problems in the storage area. For this reason, one of the best solutions that can be provided is a good evaluation of the mattress and couches.

While doing this, we mentioned above that bunk beds or box-spring beds should be preferred in bed selections. The box-spring bed system is a perfect and practical choice, especially for storing seasonally used items that are not frequently needed.

But if you have a space under the bed, don’t worry! We have an efficient solution for this as well. You can save a lot of space and efficiently provide the storage space we mentioned, thanks to the drawer and cabinet design that you can have under your bed, either adjacent or separately.

Similarly, you can also take advantage of such a drawer or cabinet system under your couches, and it will also be beneficial for you to choose a box-based seat.

6. Benefit from Under Staircases

Staircases in multi-story houses are pretty wide and take up a lot of space, and in fact, they are one of the most suitable places to be used as storage areas. Moreover, this area, which will remain quite dysfunctional as long as it is utilized, is an excellent opportunity for storage. To create this storage area, it is possible to use cabinets and the height of the step and piers with drawers.

Although most of them do not have an active area of ​​movement under the stairs, this area can be transformed into an entertaining spot for children by coloring it with children’s cots or toys, or it can be used as a cellar with shelf systems. Likewise, it can provide space for cleaning and laundry items; thus, it can prevent dangerous situations by ensuring that many items are removed and stored.

In addition, for those who have pets, a living or playground can be provided for their pets, and many of their belongings can be stored in this area.

7.   Consider Using Separators between Rooms

In addition to all these areas and steps, it is possible to use separators between rooms as a simple but very effective technique. In addition to providing a wide and spacious atmosphere in your home, it is also possible to provide a storage area thanks to the shelves and hangers used in these separators.

The choices made in favor of separators with shelves also do not create a dark environment for light transmission, and thanks to the shelf system, it provides use from both sides.


Eventually, to handle the issue of creating more storage room in your home, you should assess the areas that need to be given enough storage space in such situations. These extra materials take up a lot of room in your home due to the advancement of modern life. In this framework, we have discussed how to create more storage in your home by emphasizing 7 simple but effective tips.

Accordingly, you can benefit from multifunctional furniture and shelves, containers and boxes, and separators along with under staircases and living spaces like the beds and couches to make a large room in your home and the storage area.


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