How Many Doors Are Made a Year?

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I’m sure all of us are familiar with doors, yes, the doors that we use every day in our homes or anywhere around the world. But how many of us have given thought to doors before? For example, when were the doors first invented, or how many doors are made a year?

Well, whether you have never thought of these questions before or whether there is a bet going on about doors between your friend group, you are at the right place to learn the answer! Because in this article, we will be discussing how many doors are made a year and take a closer look at the history of doors.

When Were Doors First Invented?

Doors have their origins in Egypt, according to modern architecture and design. Nobody can dispute the architectural brilliance that went into building the ancient pyramids that served as pharaohs’ final resting places. The earliest known doors were mounted on these tombs as early as 2000 B.C. These prehistoric tomb doors were constructed from a single, unframed door slab and were inlaid with depictions of what the civilization thought the afterlife would look like at the time.

Doors were a significant component of the revered mosques in the capital city of Cairo. These doors were carefully thought out and designed with a lot of thinking, time, and money. Some had complex inlay decorations and were coated in iron or bronze. Others were made of wood and embellished with designs inspired by Coptic art. The earliest doors were also constructed by people in ancient Rome and Greece along with the Egyptians.

Ruins from Herculaneum and Pompeii in ancient Rome reveal that sliding and double doors were common elements in temples as early as 79 A.D. Additionally, Italy holds a unique role in the development of doors. In Rome, Italy, religion, and culture greatly influenced the style and materials used to build doors, much as in the Middle East and Asia.

The Basilica di Santa Sabina all’ Aventino, in particular, is a wonderful example of the value of doors as objects that serve as more than just entrances. The church, which was built between 422 and 432 A.D., has substantial doors made of cypress and adorned with carved panels. The earliest known carved doors are those from the Basilica. They bore the earliest pictures of Christ’s crucifixion that were seen by the general people.

Is It Possible To Calculate How Many Doors Are Made A Year?

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Well, before diving into this question, I would like to address the elephant in the room. Why does this question need to be answered? Well, because, even though most of us don’t notice, doors are an important part of our privacy and security. In our homes, cars, workplaces, hotels, bathrooms, and even small cubicles, we need doors to feel safe and manage our personal business.

And in line with this, how many doors currently exist in the world is a question many people ask nowadays. Well, let’s see what research shows. According to a survey, there are seven billion individuals on the planet. And most people in the globe, according to statistics, use doors. Plus, there are homes, buildings, automobiles, workplaces, schools, clinics, and private spaces. So, in light of this, there would be 50 billion gates.

However, according to certain other sources, we also know that there are roughly 44 billion doors worldwide. So, is it possible to calculate how many doors are produced a year? Well, even though, according to research, many Britons are interested in the solution, there is no way to give an accurate answer to this question. Though still, we can approximate the figures if we consider world heritage sites or other important structures.

That said, millions of individuals purchase cars, new homes, or other building forms every year. And, as we mentioned before, doors are necessary for all of these structures. So let’s use the Empire State Building in New York as an example. More than 100 levels, 100 rooms, and 70 elevators make up this structure. In light of this, you can imagine how many doors would need to be created if the Empire State building needed doors.

What Do We Know?

A multitude of variables, such as population increase and the building of new homes and businesses, affect how many doors are produced annually. The production process significantly influences the number of doors produced annually. Many businesses are fighting for market share in the competitive door sector. This sector depends heavily on manufacturing since doors must be made before they can be sold.

A business will be able to outbid rivals and take market share if it can produce doors profitably and cheaply. The production of doors is a multi-step, multi-material process that takes many processes. The wood must first be trimmed to the required size and form. The wood is then polished and sanded. After that, the door is put together, and the hardware is put in. The door is then hung, and the trim is put in place.

Well, we know that this answer is not very satisfactory. But considering there are billions and billions of homes, cars, public bathrooms, banks, libraries, and offices around the world, sadly, it is not possible to give an exact number. Because as you might guess, while there are registered door manufacturers, there are also skilled people who build, shape, and paint their own doors.


We must make it clear that, sadly, there is no correct or accurate answer to the question. The data and the presumption serve as the foundation for the response. It can be really difficult to come up with a precise response to the question. The production of doors is booming, and it is anticipated that this trend will continue in the years to come. Due to the increased demand for doors, the market is expected to expand further.


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