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We know that the generation before the 1980s was and still is into tinkering stuff all the time. Once looked-up people now seem outdated by the youth of today, but what’s the harm in fixing your toilet or squeaky door by yourself without a third-party handyman? Why wouldn’t you add another skill set that will be quite helpful in practical life and add another perspective?


Not all knowledge and skills have to be used at parties. Hardware culture is an important factor to band together under, which is what our titular site, Hardware Culture, aims to do. We want to add another standpoint via the skills of hardware culture. You’ll get the satisfaction of being useful when you fix what’s broken on your own.


We want to help those up-and-coming fixers and the veterans of the culture to broaden the vision they have. For both, we prepare tips & tricks, guides, a selection of articles on a wide range of topics, and review gadgets to help you do what you do more easily.