8 Best Electrician Screwdrivers

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On this list of 8 best electrician screwdrivers, 8 products have been evaluated and reviewed in every aspect for many non-electrical users. In this context, we have indicated the best products to give you information about the selection of screwdrivers and what features are available through screwdrivers in this context.

1- Wiha 32092 Slotted and Phillips Insulated Screwdriver Set

amazonThis screwdriver, which works very well and is durable thanks to its custom-made CRM-72 tool steel blade tips, is a product with a cushion grip handle that many electricians will not have trouble gripping. In this context, it is also a very advantageous and multifunctional product as a set of 6 different sizes of screwdrivers.
Pros Cons
Sturdy & Durable Not Appealing Design & Quality
Ergonomic Some Are a bit Thicker
Value for Money & Affordable The Steel is Low Quality
Main Specs
Sturdy & Durable: It is made of high-quality material, provides good performance, and is durable.
Ergonomic: As one of the most important features that an electrician should pay attention to when buying a screwdriver, it has a very comfortable grip and an ergonomic design.

Wiha 32092 Slotted and Phillips Insulated Screwdriver Set Review

The head styles of this set, which contains 6 different sizes and thickness screwdrivers, are classified as flat and Phillips after each one has been subjected to a 10000v counter-test and passed the test successfully. While it stands out for its cost-effectiveness, it also becomes a very useful product thanks to its ergonomic and multifunctional features. In addition, while the SoftFinish handle is covered with a solid molded core, it is very comfortable to hold with its cushion coating on the exterior.

However, while some of the users complained that some of the screwdrivers’ sizes are too thick or short according to their function, some of them mentioned that the steel part on the tip is made of very low quality, so it does not have a long life.

2- Wiha 32097 7 Piece Insulated SoftFinish Screwdriver Set


In addition to its multi-colored design, the Wiha set, offered in 7 different sizes with high quality and performance, is a very user-friendly and insulated set. In this context, it does not cause any problems and provides a very ergonomic grip thanks to the soft grip.

Pros Cons
7 Pieces in One Package Not Durable & Long-lasting
Multi-colored Some Parts Wearing Out
High-quality Screwdrivers Heads Becoming to Round
Main Specs
7 Pieces in One Package: This product, which offers 7 different sizes and grip possibilities, comes with 7 pieces in a single package.
Multi-colored: Contrary to single and boring colors, it has an appealing design of quite different colors.

Wiha 32097 7 Piece Insulated SoftFinish Screwdriver Set Review

This time, screwdrivers in 7 different sizes are seen in the second Wiha branded screwdriver set, which is on the 8 best electrician screwdriver list. This entire set features a square head style but also a multi-colored design. In addition to its insulated coating, an extremely reliable feature, the SoftFinish cushion grip handle makes the grip of electricians ergonomic and comfortable.

In addition, the cost of these screwdrivers, which show very high performance, is also very low. In this context, it is a very value-for-money product with high quality and performance and is accessible to many users.

However, on the other hand, it cannot be said to be very durable, and in this context, it does not offer long-lasting use. In addition, some users also stated that the screwdrivers’ heads are easily rounded, and some parts of the grips are shed.

Considering this review, Wihan’s second product on the 8 best electrician screwdriver list is a product that can be quite successful if it corrects and improves these mentioned negative features; therefore, it has been given the 4th place on this list.

3- Wera Kraftform Comfort 1160i/7 Ergonomic Insulated Screwdriver Set


This product, which contains a total of 7 products in this package, which also includes a voltage tester, is very advantageous in terms of cost and value for money and is value for money. Likewise, its hard and durable tip can attract the attention of many users and ensure their satisfaction.

Pros Cons
Value for Money Some Are Too Small to Hold
Hard & Durable Tip Not Comfortable & Ergonomic to Hold
Great Quality Problematic Tester
Main Specs
Hard & Durable Tip: Its very hard and durable tip does not deteriorate over time.
Great Quality: Besides, it is a pretty good product of above-average quality.

Wera Kraftfrom Comfort 1160i/7 Ergonomic Insulated Screwdriver Set Review

This product, which includes a voltage tester and 6 screwdrivers with slotted and Phillips head in the package, is insulated like the first three products on the list and is suitable for electricians. In addition, each screwdriver has been tested and validated against 10000v in an aqueous environment.

In this context, it does not hesitate to be a value-for-money product as it corresponds to a very good performance and quality. Along with this, the hard and robust tips of the product highlight the product, and in this context, it has a performance that can satisfy many users.

While Wera offers these advantages, it also has some shortcomings. That is to say, the fact that the tester contains problems and gives errors creates a great negativity that cannot be ignored by users. In addition, it is very difficult to hold and grip the hard handle, as well as it can become slippery under certain conditions, making the work of electricians difficult.

4- Klein Tools 32288 Insulated Screwdriver


This set, which contains 5 interchangeable blades, an insulated handle, and a carrying pouch, has the qualities that electricians can easily carry and use in any area. At the same time, it can impress the buyer with its superior performance by not causing any problems in holding and grip.

Pros Cons
Multiple Head Styles Problematic Packaging
Steel & Rubber-Made Quality Easily Rusted
Great & Comfortable Hold Missing Parts
Main Specs
Multiple Head Styles: With its multiple head replacement feature, it is multifunctional as well as providing use in many different areas.
Great & Comfortable Hold: Thanks to its rubber handle, it provides a very comfortable and comfortable grip for electricians.

Klein Tools 32288 Insulated Screwdriver Review

This screwdriver set, which comes in an easy-to-carry and very practical bag, is a product that can attract the attention of many buyers, especially electricians, by providing particle, handy, and high-performance use in many ways, and it can come to the fore in this context.

Speaking of its features, besides having multiple head styles, it also has a very positive aspect in terms of structural materials consisting of the cooperation of steel and rubber. In addition, its holding and grip are excellent, and the user can feel its quality. All screwdrivers in this interchangeable set have insulated just like the other three products on the list and include 5 interchangeable blades and a carrying pouch.

This product, which will protect electricians from electric shocks and be resistant to fire, provides convenience to the user in terms of transportation, as stated above.

Only users who have problems with packaging have negative feedback on the fact that some parts of their products are missing or rust easily. In this context, it has earned the right to take its place in the 3rd place in the 8 best electrician screwdriver list.

5- Klein Tools 32293 Insulated Screwdriver


With only one product in the package, this product, which comes at a very affordable cost and has the second Klein brand on the list, is very easy and practical in terms of use and transport in general terms. Accordingly, it is a secure hand tool for many electricians as the interchangeable handle part is insulated with the other parts.

Pros Cons
Affordable Just One Item in Package
Easy to Use Hard Handle for Holding
Secure & Reliable Non-durable Tip
Main Specs
Easy to Use: It is a very handy screwdriver with its small and reasonable size and is simple to use.
Secure & Reliable: It is a very reliable and robust screwdriver with an insulation rating of 1000v.

Klein Tools 32293 Insulated Screwdriver Review

In the second Klein-branded screwdriver in the list, we encounter a single product, not a set, unlike the others. The fact that it is much more practical and handy in terms of carrying on this product and accordingly lightweight can also be described positively. Likewise, like other screwdrivers, this product has an insulated blade and handle, and the handle is interchangeable, just like the previous product.

Accordingly, although it is not comfortable in terms of grip, it has an advantageous aspect. Similarly, it is offered at a very affordable cost and, in this context, is quite reliable for electricians. However, the tip is not durable and long-lasting, and of course, there is only one product in the package, and it has been exposed to negative feedback from many users.

6- Pink Power Magnetic Screwdriver Set


Pink Power, a product that will attract the attention of many electricians with its eye-catching and stylistic design wonder, pink color, has been introduced to the market with 6 screwdriver sets, each of which contains magnetic tips.

Pros Cons
2 Different Head Styles with 6 Pieces in Total in One Package Not Durable & Long-lasting Product
Soft Grip Handles No Box or Bag
Stylish & Interesting Color Scheme Missing Parts
Main Specs
2 Different Head Styles with 6 Pieces in Total in One Package: It is a product with 2 different head styles in a single package, 6 pieces in total.
Stylish & Interesting Colour Scheme: Unlike many boring and colorless screwdrivers, this product, which has an unusual color scheme of pink, has a very eye-catching and attention-oriented design.

Pink Power Magnetic Screwdriver Set Review

This product’s eye-catching and stylistic pink design, which has led to a quite new revolution in the screwdriver, has attracted many customers, from men to women. In addition, Pink Power, which is presented as a set of 6 with flat and Phillips, and stainless steel heads, has become a very popular product with its contemporary origin. Likewise, with its advanced and advantageous product design and performance, this product does not seem to take a step back.

With each end being magnetic, this piece, which is very useful as it facilitates the grip of screws and many other parts, also does not cause many electricians any trouble holding. That is to say, thanks to its soft rubber handle, it provides easy and comfortable grips, and thanks to its perforated part, it is a kind of product that can easily be hung in workshops.

As for the negative aspects, this product, which causes problems in packaging, as well as the fact that the screwdriver tips are not made of very strong materials and are not durable, does not come in a box or bag, unlike the others.

7- HORUSDY 6-Piece 1000v Insulated Screwdriver Set


As a very durable and resistant product thanks to CR-V steel with heat treatment and high hardness tips, the set of 6 screwdrivers is also insulated, offering a practical user experience thanks to the magnetics on the tips of each.

Pros Cons
Magnetic Tips Low-quality Magnetic Function
CR-V Steel with Heat Treatment Poor Craftsmanship
Tough & Resistant Not Great for Hard Duties
Main Specs
Magnetic Tips: Thanks to its magnetic tips, it is a product that facilitates the work of electricians and is very handy.
Tough & Resistant: It is a solidly built product that is prepared for many harsh conditions, such as being resistant to heat.

HORUSDY 6-Piece 1000v Insulated Screwdriver Set Review

The set of 6 screwdrivers, each of which is insulated and has magnetic tips, has the qualities to be the most shining product of the list. However, this product, which satisfies the user by providing and guaranteeing long-term use with its tough and resistant feature, is made of CR-V steel and is also in a heat-resistant form.

Many users, including electricians, will not have any problems thanks to this product, which has superior grip performance. Moreover, unlike other screwdrivers, it has a multifunctional feature thanks to its tips of various sizes and styles. The feature that prevents breakage makes this product even more prominent, thanks to its plastic plate covers.

On the other side of the coin, we can see that the magnetic feature of HORUSDY needs to be developed a little more, and in this context, it should also resort to changes in design. Based on this, since it will perform poorly in difficult tasks, it is only a matter of time before this low performance is increased if its deficiencies are eliminated.

8- IDEAL Electrical 35-9305 Insulated Screwdriver Set


This product, which is supported by a Cushion grip handle and will provide a very good grip experience to many buyers, especially electricians, also has a value-for-money quality that is very pocket-friendly and meets its features.

Pros Cons
Cushion Grip Handles for Comfort Just 2 Pieces in One Package
Chrome Vanadium Tool Steel Tempered Blades Problematic Packaging
Pocket-friendly & Value for Money The Phillips Tips Are a bit Skinny
Main Specs
Cushion Grip Handles for Comfort: Cushion provides comfort in the grip thanks to its grip handle and a very good and easy use with its hand-fitting structure.
Chrome Vanadium Tool Steel Tempered Blades: Chrome vanadium tool steel tempered blades are very robust and durable and provide long-lasting use.

IDEAL Electrical 35-9305 Insulated Screwdriver Set Review

This product, which reaches its user with two 1000v insulated screwdrivers, has two different head styles. In addition, thanks to the amount that electricians can easily carry, it does not take up much space and can easily fit into pockets or trouser compartments.

In addition, the cushion grip handle, which provides comfort, guarantees a good grip experience to many users, especially electricians. IDEAL is a very value-for-money product, as its price is affordable, and in this context, it exhibits blade performance above the average for this price.

However, it can stay in the background since it does not pay attention to the product and its user by receiving frequent and many complaints in terms of packaging. In addition, only two products do not satisfy many customers, and long-lasting use is not provided since the ends are not durable. Considering these features, we have to give this product the last place in the 8 best electrician screwdriver list after the evaluation.

Questions about 8 Best Electrician Screwdrivers

What to consider while choosing a screwdriver?

As one of the most important and privileged features of hand tools, it is the most important step to pay attention to the type and tip. Accordingly, we must determine which screwdrivers with flat, Phillips, Torx, and hex head types will work for us and act accordingly. Especially if you are a person who uses screwdrivers a lot and deals with a lot of building materials, it will be a much more advantageous and healthy choice to buy a screwdriver set that includes all these titles.

In the same way, after choosing the type of screwdriver, many screwdrivers, especially electricians, should pay attention to whether the screwdriver is insulated or not. A standard screwdriver can be a much more dangerous choice than the one just mentioned. Finally, after examining the characteristic features of the product, it should be examined in terms of price so that the cost does not hurt your pocket.

What does insulated mean?

Contrary to standard screwdrivers, the construction material in the grips of these screwdrivers, which is very important and protective for electricians, is covered with a tough and non-conductive plastic cover that prevents electricity from passing through. Likewise, parts of the screwdriver outside the handle are not exposed to electricity except for the tip. In this context, the risk of electric shock is low.

What is the average size of screwdrivers electricians need?

Although electricians use 5.5mm and 8.8mm flat-head screwdrivers in general, and on average, this may vary according to the purpose and place of use.

How do I know what screwdriver to use?

You can start by choosing the tip screwdriver that will fill the screw head. If the tip is too big or small and the screw does not fit, try to find the appropriate one, otherwise, you will break either the tip of the screwdriver or the head of the screw.

Final Verdict

As a final verdict, HORUSDY, which shows a degree of functionality that can prove its superiority in the performance of many screwdrivers on the market, has been our favorite and ranked first on the list of the 8 best electrician screwdrivers. IDEAL, which was welcomed in this context and whose suitability is debatable for electricians, has moved to the last place on the list with deficiencies that need to be improved.


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